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The underlying principles upon which CACC was organized grew out of a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity in 1969. Incorporated in 1981, CACC is one of the oldest African Chambers of Commerce in this country. We are a non-political, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization working in the best interest of U.S. - Africa relations. Our primary focus is to increase bi-lateral trade, investment and joint ventures between Africa and the United States. This is accomplished by working with a broad network of U.S. agencies, companies and individuals who are either currently doing business in or with Africa or are interested in the prospect of doing so. To this end we attempt to do the following:

  • To advance the efficiency of commerce and to promote trade and investment; educational and cultural exchange; industrial, transportation, communications, and agricultural development; joint ventures; and tourism between the continent of Africa and the United States;

  • To provide consultation to businesses seeking information and assistance regarding commerce and trade within the United States and Continental Africa;

  • To provide information, assistance and support to American businesses on the proper, traditional and accepted procedures for doing business in and with Africa;

  • To develop and administer international and domestic long and short term programs which focus on the development of human potential and capacity building;
  • To conduct conferences, workshops, seminars and forums on trade, education, culture, industrial development, transportation, communications, agricultural development, joint ventures, tourism and investment between the continent of Africa and the United States;

  • To establish and act in professional liason capacity between businesses in the United States and Africa;

  • To act as a resource and provide support to all African Embassies and consulates working to improve trade, investment, and cultural and educational relations between the U.S. and Africa;

  • To establish a trade and cultural center for the benefit of African Americans in order to promote better understanding and relations between Africans and Americans of African descent;

  • To enhance the ability and stimulate the interest of U.S. Citizens of African heritage to become involved in African trade, culture and educational development;

  • To provide personal and career counseling to African students and immigrants to facilitate their transition and ensure a positive adjustment in American lifestyles;

  • To foster African trade, culture, education, exchange programs, heritage awareness and harmony among all races and ethnic groups in the United States and Africa; and

  • To promote and establish Business Incubator Centers, Entrepreneurial Centers for Youth and neighborhood business development opportunities and programs.

Are you interested in exploring trade and investment opportunities between Africa and the world to create wealth through the flow business, then the CACC is the organization for you. Join today and start to receive correspondences about upcoming events and methods to allow your organization to realize its trade potential.