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A Message from G. Ademola Dada - President
On behalf of the officers and members of the Continental Africa Chamber of Commerce, USA in Chicago, we invite you to be a supporting and active sponsor member. CACC, founded in 1980, is a not-for-profit organization, actively promoting International and Domestic entrepreneur programs, such as: Africa Business Development for U.S. and African Business Executives, Export - Import, Culture, Neighborhoods and Small Business Assistance, Education, Development and Implementation Programs.

Recognizing Africa's great potential as a market for U.S. goods, investment and technology for the new millennium, our members represent a broad range of businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and diplomatic corps. CACC membership benefits include a variety of high value, practical and intensive programs offered throughout the year, such as in-depth commerce information, technical guidance, communication assistance, and business strategic alliance to conduct profitable trade, reduced admission prices to CACC seminars and events, government and diplomatic corps better relations, trade-mission, follow-up, culture and business opportunities programs, as well as formal and informal business networking opportunities.

I hope you will take advantage of the many excellent programs and events we offer throughout the year, such as export-import opportunities seminars and workshops, visiting African dignitary receptions, fact-finding trade missions, African trade alerts and briefings, cultural relation programs, consulting services, committee involvement, business to business assistance programs, networking forums, specialized business, human resource training, programs for entrepreneurs, international and domestic business development and implementation programs and services to make and save you time and money.

Continental Africa Chamber of Commerce, USA in Chicago is here to help your business thrive and prosper. Please complete the membership form and return with your investment check payable to CACC. JOIN TODAY!

In addition to the membership form, we also have a sponsorship program that you can join so that you can help to defray the expenses of one or more of our programs or expense areas. Again, please complete the sponsorship form and return with your investment check payable to CACC.

Call me at 312-987-1892 with your questions or comments regarding CACC programs or membership. We extend a special "WELCOME" to you and your company in your interest in our organization



Ganiyu A. Dada, President/CEO

Are you interested in exploring trade and investment opportunities between Africa and the world to create wealth through the flow business, then the CACC is the organization for you. Join today and start to receive correspondences about upcoming events and methods to allow your organization to realize its trade potential.