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Press Release


January 30, 2012                                    


United States of America still remains the leading manufacturing country of the world, but number three in exporting behind China and Germany. Many African countries are still regarded as undeveloped or developing countries that need US equipment, machinery, technology, investment and finance.


Many leading countries of the world had recognized Chicago and State of Illinois as the gateway to America including but not limited to China, Korea, Japan, Egypt, South Africa, Senegal, France, Mexico, Germany and Canada among others. There are about 82 consulates in Chicago but only 2 African Countries- South Africa and Egypt have consulates which is why other growing African countries should seriously think about doing the same if they want to increase their trade with the US particularly in the non-oil sectors of their economies.


State of Illinois is the leading manufacturing state in USA. It is the home to major 500 fortune businesses in USA including but not limited to Boeing, CAT, ADM, Motorola, Kraft, Navistar, Abbott, John Deere, Baxter, to name a few.


Chicago is the hub of US Manufacturing; Transportation; Finance; Technology; Tourism; with a leading Airport that has flights to every major cities of the world.


The low development in Africa may be as a result of the absence of Americans in the non-oil sectors in Africa. The same reason may be responsible for the high unemployment rate in the USA for losing market shares to countries of BRICs.

Realizing that there are about 60,000 US companies doing business in China out of which no less the 25,000 of them are manufacturing for exports to the world, CACC has come up with our program to allow the businesses from both USA and Africa to discover themselves and find partners to work with, with the resultant aim to increasing trade and investments between African countries and USA.


Please make sure you are part of this historic event and exhibit your products and services at our 7th CACC US-Africa Trade and Investment Forum.